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The vision is to create an enabling and safe environment for disenfranchised and orphaned children from Kawangware slums in a Children’s Centre that cares for their well-being and gives them the basic tools to become self-sufficient as they attain adulthood.


Aswani Kizito’s Project of Hope is just that. A project to build a new home for orphaned children who are currently living in the slums of Kawangare, and who so deserve the care and attention we have to offer them. We want to create a Children's Centre, based in a new community development in Kitengela,​ that offers them the space in which to can grow and develop, receive an education and eventually become productive members of society. 

Currently, there are nearly 50 children living in a ramshackle, semi permanent building on a small plot of land next to a bustling market. A further 40 receive day care, and all of them are taken care of by an amazing group of local church volunteers. This home was started by Aswani Kizito and his wife, and has been a life saver for many of these children. However, the time has come to upgrade.

In their new home, they will learn both regular school lessons as well as trade skills, ensuring future self-sufficiency. They will be provided the basic necessities of life and they will flourish under the constant love they already receive from this community. There will be space to run and play, fresh air and sunshine. In summary, Aswani Kizito's Project of Hope will offer a miraculous second chance for children who might otherwise have been forgotten by society. 

In order to do this we have established a charitable organisation led by respected members of the Nairobi community, who will help us with fundraising, as well as time and expertise, so we can make this dream a reality.





Having established the NGO, Aswani Kizito's Project of Hope, we are now in the fundraising stage, which will allow us to purchase the land and start building the Centre. We expect to achieve our fundraising goals by the end of December, so we can start moving forward in early 2021. By the middle of 2021, we would like to have the building complete, and the Centre fully equipped so that the children can start moving in shortly afterwards. 

We initially plan to raise Ksh 30 million (approximately USD 300,000), in the form of cash or goods and services in order to finish building and furnishing the Centre. Any surplus will be applied to an endowment fund for the running costs of the Centre.



The registered name of the NGO we have set up is ASWANI KIZITO’S PROJECT OF HOPE. The NGO is registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 1990 and is compliant with the Non-Governmental Co-ordination Act, 1990 and the Non-Governmental Organizations Regulations 1992.

The initial Board of the NGO comprises Kenyan Citizens who represent a cross section of the local and community as well as the broader community of well-wishers.

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Help us to help these deserving and innocent children in any way you can... TO GIVE HOPE OF A BETTER LIFE. 



Thank you for taking the time to read through this. For further information, please contact us on

You can also contact our board members if you require more details about anything. 

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